Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) MPN18256 (Jan 2018)

Learning path description

This Learning Path provides 300 level technical instruction to help partners include security solutions based on Windows 10 E5 WDATP into their security practices. (Microsoft 365, M365, Security)


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Windows
Role : Technical
Country : Global
WDATP Introduction [1 h 0 m]

This presentation covers changing cyber attacks trends; how breaches occur; how Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) fits within the Windows 10 defense stack;WDATP overview including an attack demo to understand how WDATP detects the attack; a brief introduction to Microsoft stack integration; and what's new in the Windows 10 Creators Update

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Getting to Know Windows Defender ATP - Architecture and Compliance [0 h 50 m]

This presentation covers a review of the WDATP architecture, how information is collected and analyzed, insights on key WDATP components, WDATP governance requirements, and an overview of security compliance to industry standards

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Windows Defender ATP Lab I - Onboarding and Troubleshooting [2 h 0 m]

The presentation includes WDATP provisioning, onboarding, troubleshooting, offboarding, and basic WDATP portal features. The onboarding lab will take you through the steps required to onboard a Windows 10 client to WDATP portal. The troubleshooting presentation covers WDATP troubleshooting guidance and tools; how to troubleshoot onboarding; and techniques and approaches to resolve issues quickly. The troubleshooting lab will provide you with the knowledge to work with SENSE Operational log; analyze problems based on Event IDs and error; and troubleshoot and resolve errors related to connectivity and endpoint onboarding.

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Detecting the Stages of Cyberattack with Windows Defender ATP [1 h 25 m]

This presentation covers the stages of cyber attacks including the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) kill chain, WDATP detection capabilities including indicators of attack and compromise, and new Windows 10 Creators Update detection capabilities including memory-only and kernel-based attacks.

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Windows Defender ATP Lab II: Monitoring and Responding to a Simulated Attack [0 h 50 m]

This lab covers a simulation of attacks and will help you cover data analysis and post-breach remediation.

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Attack Simulation DIY [0 h 0 m]

Manage a simulation of a typical attack sequence and then use the Windows Defender ATP portal to review and investigate alerts and take actions to thwart the attack.

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WDATP Onboarding Lab Manual [0 h 0 m]

In this lab, you will learn how to onboard your first Windows 10 client to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and verify deployment using the portal and event logs.

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Crushing Ransomware and Other Threats with Windows 10 [1 h 10 m]

Windows 10 offered an enormous leap forward when it came to threat resistance, but that was just the beginning. With Windows 10 Creators Edition we have an impressive lineup of new capabilities to help address ransomware, hacking, and other types of malware threats.

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Engage Your Customers with the Value of Advanced Threat Detection [0 h 40 m]

This presentation covers how to speak to your customers about WDATP points of differentiation, a case study review of how Microsoft IT uses WDATP, and how to answer common questions from your customers.

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Managed Services - Windows Defender ATP Revenue Opportunities for Partners [0 h 31 m]

Learn about the partner business opportunities associated with Windows E5 / Windows Advanced Threat Protection. Gain insights about customer needs and what services you as a partner can provide with WDATP. Build your service portfolio and grow revenue with monitoring services made possible with WDATP.

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Security for Industry Verticals [0 h 25 m]

The security landscape for specific Industry verticals is unique and ever-changing, providing partners an opportunity to position how Window 10 can make those organizations safer. Learn how to pitch Windows 10 security to a BDM/CSO audience in different verticals by talking through scenarios within that industry and how Windows 10 security can help address those customer challenges.

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