C+E University: Data & AI Online Sales Training Series MPN18199 (Oct-Dec 2017)

Learning path description

Tune in to learn more aabout the Data & AI business, solutions and sales scenarios, as well as receive guidance on how to effectively orchestrate sales across each stage of the sales cycle.


Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Sales
Country : Global
Driving both SQL & ADS revenue through Data Estate Modernization (Oct 2017) [1 h 0 m]

How are our customers modernizing their data estate across on-premises and cloud and why are they doing it?  Learn how to have an end to end conversation with technical decision makers and their directs about their entire data estate that will help you drive both SQL Server billed revenue and Azure Data Services consumption with every customer. 

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Understanding & Winning BIG Data & Advanced Analytics (Oct 2017) [1 h 0 m]

Data is the new Electricity, and Big Data & Advanced Analytics technologies are helping organizations leverage this new phenomena to foster their businesses in innovative ways. In this session, we show how you can leverage the big data services such as Data Warehousing, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning, and Real Time Analytics on Azure and how you can make the most of these for your business scenarios. This is a foundational session to ground your understanding on the technology, its use cases, patterns, and customer scenarios. Join this session if you want to get a real understanding of Big Data & Advanced Analytics on Azure, and how the services are structured to achieve your desired outcome.

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Migrate SQL Databases to Azure SQL Database (Nov 2017) [1 h 0 m]

In this session, hear how the upcoming SQL Database Managed Instance, Database Migration Service and new Hybrid Use Benefit work together to make SQL Database the best, most economical destination for your customers’ legacy SQL Server databases. Learn how to identify the right opportunities and pitch the differentiated value of these services and offers. Understand how we stack up against other alternatives and how our solutions are best for SQL Server migrations.

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Selling Mission Critical Apps on Linux (Nov 2017) [1 h 0 m]

In this session, you’ll learn the application patterns, prioritized partners, and activities that will help drive new solution development on Linux with our customers. These patterns will be key to identify early within your accounts to successfully grow  billed revenue for new projects and recapture commitments through renewals.

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Why do ISVs embed analytics? (Power BI Embedded) (Nov 2017) [0 h 41 m]

Today, app users demand data analytics and data visualizations in every application. ISVs have to choose between building their own or buying a market available solution. In this session learn how to position Power BI Embedded to the ISV, developer, and their customer to ensure you can take advantage of a growing market that is predicted to be ~52 billion dollars by 2022.

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Drive Cloud Data Warehousing with key patterns (Nov 2017) [0 h 33 m]

Our customers struggle with making sense of their data. Azure SQL DW is a fully managed, elastic scale service that truly accelerates  journey to a high performance, secure and compliant cloud data warehouse. In this session find out the 3 key patterns that customers can use SQL DW alongside other Azure services: Enterprise BI+Reporting, Modern data warehouse and Streaming applications.

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Team Data Science Process (Nov 2017) [0 h 48 m]

The open source database opportunity is significant, and AWS has been reaping the benefits with it’s RDS for PostgreSQL and MySQL offering. We can get a significant portion of this opportunity with our new products – Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Azure Database for MySQL. Join this session to learn how to identify these opportunities within your existing accounts, low hanging fruits to go after in FY18 and available tools to pitch and sell these new products.

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Accelerating App Modernization + Data to Drive ADS Consumption (Nov 2017) [0 h 50 m]

Cloud first application patterns are driving digital transformation with our customers while yielding new service growth for Cosmos DB, SQL DB, and many other Azure services. In this session you’ll come up to speed on the repeatable application patterns that will be pivotal in driving transformation for our customers and help you accelerate quota retirement for data services consumption.

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