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As a manager or MPN administrator for your company, you have unique needs and you visit the Learning Portal site/Partner University for specific reasons.

Those reasons could include:

  • To find courses to assign to your teams.
  • To discover the most recent certification resources.
  • To learn if the training requirements for your competencies have changed.


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Partner University resources

Guidance to help you and your learners navigate the Partner University portal and its features.

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Access to Partner University

Anyone in your company who wants to consume training in Partner University must first “associate” to your company’s MPN ID account, then onboard to Partner University by setting up a short profile. Here are instructions to share with your employees, for both steps.

Associate to your MPN ID
How to onboard to Partner University as a new user

The Learner Dashboard

There is a Learner Dashboard feature in Partner University that will make it easy for your learners to track their progress with, and completion of, courses. Their “My Courses” tile stores the training that they are in progress of completing – or have bookmarked to consume later. The learning plans you assign to learners will also appear in their “My Courses” tile. The “My Achievements” tile stores the training they have completed. It also allows them to print certificates of completion and transcripts.

A screen shot of the learner dashboard

Organization Dashboard

An Admin Site feature (also known as Organization Dashboard) available for MPN Global Administrators to access. You use this unique feature to track your learners’ progress, “group” your learners, and assign them learning plans. You’re also able to run reports on course completion and assessments that display metrics such as how many times learners accessed the course, what their passing score was for assessments, and so on.

A screen shot of the learner Organization Dashboard

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