Microsoft Azure course: .NET Development with Azure Cloud Patterns and Architecture MPN18113 (Oct 2017)

Learning path description

In this learning path, you can take take a PluralSight training course that looks at patterns and architecture when developing with .Net on Azure.


Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture [3 h 25 m]

In this PluralSight course you'll learn a different architectural approach to building cloud applications, and see how various Windows Azure services and resources fit into those architectures. First, you'll explore how to use specific Azure resources to add redundancy, fail-over, and load balancing to a system. Next, you'll discover how to utilize the Azure Content Delivery Network. Finally, you'll delve into learning how to create an API gateway.

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