C+E University: Data Platform Online MPN17610 (April/May 2017)

Learning path description


Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Sales
Country : Global
Selling SQL Server v.Next [1 h 0 m]

The next version of SQL Server is now in public preview. With it your customers can run SQL Server on Windows Server, Linux and Docker to create intelligent applications and transformative analytics---faster and more securely than ever before!  In this session, learn how to use the upcoming features of SQL Server v.Next to grow the SQL Server footprint in customer accounts.

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AA Solutions to customer BDM [0 h 40 m]

In this session, sellers will learn about Microsoft’s advanced analytics solutions templates, how to qualify customers and how to pitch them to BDM/Implementer audiences

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Microsoft Data Warehouse & Big Data Solution for Analytics [0 h 54 m]

Data is the new electricity, and it's intelligence driven from data that's helping companies, big and small, transform. Come to this session to learn more how you can transform your business using Microsoft Azure Data Warehousing and Big Data solution. Hear how one customer is getting value by moving to Azure.

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Application Innovation [0 h 56 m]

What is a modern application and what does it take to modernize an application into the cloud? Learn how cloud-based applications will retire your ADS quota.

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BI Platform in the cloud [0 h 44 m]

In this session sellers will learn how to identify The proliferation of data and the shift to modern BI (i.e., a shift of focus from IT-led reporting to business-led self-service analytics) are driving many organizations to reevaluate how they view their data as a strategic asset and their ability to turn data into business insights. Microsoft provides a comprehensive modern BI platform solution that works in the cloud—as well as on premises. Attend this session to learn more about Microsoft BI platform and how it helps businesses turn data into insights.

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Selling Big Data and DW in Azure [0 h 51 m]

Get the fundamentals of selling Microsoft's big data and data warehousing solutions, including HDInsight.  What are the customer use-cases, who are you competing with, what are the strategies and stories you can use.

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