Windows 10 Enterprise Partner Deployment Opportunity MPN16951 (December 2016) - Retiring Feb 16, 2018

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Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Windows
Role : Marketing
Country : Global
The Windows 10 partner opportunity [0 h 6 m]

Deployment of Windows 10 provides a great opportunity for partners to better serve customers, not just in the traditional ways, but also in additional service areas.

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Cloud Solution Provider opportunity for Windows 10 Enterprise [0 h 3 m]

The Cloud Solution Provider platform provides strong synergies for partners selling services across multiple Microsoft cloud products. Launching Windows 10 Enterprise on CSP enables new revenues and service opportunities for solution aggregators and Managed Service Providers with Windows 10 Enterprise as the foundational product for ongoing service revenue.

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How to talk to customers about Windows 10 [0 h 32 m]

Windows 10 is a winner with consumers. Receive guidance on how to develop a Windows 10 sales pitch for your customers.

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What's new in Windows 10: Deployment, updates and service options [0 h 15 m]

The course will provide deployment details that partners should be familiar with as they consider their broader Windows 10 Deployment business strategy

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Windows 10 E3 and E5 and Secure Productive Enterprise offerings [0 h 7 m]

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update offers some exciting new products and features, which include Secure Productive Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 offerings.

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Windows 10 customer deployment guidance [0 h 18 m]

The course will provide guidance on developing a good Windows 10 deployment process, as well as how to sell additional, on-going services on top of the initial deployment project

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Building a profitable Windows 10 practice [0 h 8 m]

This course will review six specific ways you can increase revenue by including additional products and services to Windows 10 practice.

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Programs to drive partner success [0 h 9 m]

Microsoft has created programs and made investments to help partners be successful selling and deploying Windows 10. This course will review these offerings.

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Windows 10 Enterprise Partner Deployment Opportunity - Resources [0 h 0 m]


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