Microsoft Azure – Introducing Modern Offers & Pricing Updates MPN16808 (Nov 2017)

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Microsoft is changing pricing across and in our Volume Licensing programs to create a more transparent and simpler way to procure Azure. Come and join the Microsoft Azure team to learn about what's changing with Microsoft Azure licensing and pricing. Join us to learn about the way these changes will simplify how Azure is priced across licensing programs - and how to position new offers and services with additional ways to maximize customer savings. New offers and pricing within the EA and MPSA provide an easier way to show the benefits of Azure and differentiate Microsoft and Partner solutions.


Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Marketing
Country : Global
Azure Hybrid Cloud, Scott Guthrie EVP (Oct 2017) [0 h 3 m]

Scott Guthrie, EVP Cloud & Enterprise, delivers a keynote at Microsoft Ignite discussing the Azure Hybrid Cloud. This video is cut from his keynote and focuses only on Azure Hybrid Cloud.

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Microsoft Azure -Introducing Modern Offers & Pricing Updates (Nov 2016) [0 h 42 m]

Microsoft Azure -Introducing Modern Offers & Pricing Updates - November 2016

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Azure Stack (Sep 2017) [0 h 33 m]

This session is aimed at licensing sales people who have some experience of selling Microsoft Azure and want to deepen their understanding around Azure Stack and how the Azure services are transacted through the Microsoft licensing programs.

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Azure Fundamentals (Sep 2017) [1 h 17 m]

Azure Fundamentals

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Azure Advanced (Sep 2017) [1 h 16 m]

Azure Advanced

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Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (Oct 2017) [2 h 52 m]

Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances – Oct 2017

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Selling Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (Nov 2017) [0 h 9 m]

This is an introduction and brief overview of selling Azure Reserved VM Instances

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Azure Reserved VM Instances - Nov 2017 [1 h 3 m]

Join us for this session to understand how to transact and manage Azure Reserved VM Instances.

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