Demand Generation Essentials - Part 2 MPN16210 (May 2017)

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Difficulty Level : Beginner
Exams & accreds : Marketing
Role : Marketing
Country : Global
Advocacy [0 h 5 m]

How to make the customer the hero in your marketing.

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Basic Public Relations [0 h 12 m]

Why PR matters for market awareness and how to maintain a positive image of your company.

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Nurture Marketing [0 h 8 m]

Creating long term, sustainable customer relationships with highly relevant content.

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Marketing Automation & Lead Scoring [0 h 11 m]

Understanding marketing automation and the benefits for your digital marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing [0 h 5 m]

The role of content in the buyer's journey, how to get, create and distribute great content.

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Build your web presence with SEO [0 h 12 m]

Understand how search engines work and how to optimize your web properties to rank highly in search results.

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Build your web presense with pay per click advertising [0 h 12 m]

Why to consider pay per click and how to get started.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) [0 h 14 m]

Using CRM as a marketing and sales engine.

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Customer Experience [0 h 7 m]

Learn how the practice of customer experience can become a strategic differentiator for your company. Understanding deeply the customer and how they interact is the starting point.

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Revenue Marketing [0 h 12 m]

The role that marketing can and should play in revenue generation. Key actions set up during the buyer's journey help to deliver revenue and strategic accomplishments.

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