Skype for Business (MPN14134) - Retiring Jan 31, 2018

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Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : Skype for Business
Role : Marketing
Country : Global
What's New in Skype for Business [8 h 0 m]

Have you heard about the improvements in Skype for Business, like those to the deployment and manageability process? Join a team of experts to explore major features coming to Skype for Business meetings and to gain insights into the recently released enhancements for Skype federation with video. Get a look at voice improvements and server core investments, and discuss ideal network conditions, along with impairments and how to address them. Finally, look into custom development opportunities for Skype for Business.

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Skype for Business: Client [1 h 0 m]

This session provides an overview of the Skype for Business client portfolio, which includes the PC desktop client, mobile clients, a web application, a Mac client, use on the Surface Hub, integration with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), integration with Skype for Business Room System solutions, and IP phone integration.

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Skype for Business: Connecting people everywhere to achieve moreā€”together [0 h 45 m]

This session provides an overview of the Skype for Business, including the benefits for users and IT professionals. It also includes a roadmap of features that are expected to be part of future releases.

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Skype for Business: IT Pro Experience [1 h 0 m]

This session summarizes the Skype for Business experience for IT pros, including the technology investments Microsoft has made in Skype for Business. This session also includes information on partners and how they fit into the IT pro journey.

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