Azure Identity (MPN17603) (April 2017)

Learning path description

This course contains one or more MOOCs, please plan to finish this training before the content is refreshed on June 30, 2018.


Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Enterprise Mobility + Security
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Microsoft Azure Identity [20 h 0 m]

This course focuses on important concepts such as what makes Azure AD different from on-premises AD, differences in managing users and groups and the implementing custom domains in Azure AD. You’ll be introduced to concepts like directories and tenants as well as Multi-Factor authentication which let you add a critical second security layer for verification of user sign-ins and transactions. Self-paced OpenEDX course of approximately 20 hours.

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Enable Azure AD Identity Protection [0 h 10 m]

In this session we will go through the process to enable Azure AD Identity Protection. This feature of EMS E5 not only helps corporations understand the risk levels of authentication, mitigating them through things such as Azure MFA, but also proactively searches for compromised credentials and then alerting administrators of the compromise while locking the user account. 10 minute video demonstration from Channel 9.

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