Microsoft Azure course: Node.js Developer on Azure Secure Services and Applications MPN18111 (Oct 2017)

Learning path description

In this learning path, you can take take a PluralSight training course that looks at secure services and applications when developing with node.js on Azure.


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Microsoft Azure for Node.js Developers - Building Secure Services and Applications [2 h 47 m]

In this PluralSight course you'll focus on security-oriented Azure features you'd consider in a Node.js application. First, you'll explore software containers with Docker as a way to develop and deploy applications in self-contained, standardized units. You'll then step into automation and resource management, using policies, locks, Role-based Access Control and Azure Resource Manager Templates. You'll then explore storing secrets in an Azure Key Vault, and finish with authentication and authorization using Azure Active Directory.

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