API Management MPN17425 (March 2017)

Learning path description


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Cloud Application Development
Role : Technical
Country : Global
API Management [0 h 0 m]

API Management provides the core competencies to ensure a successful API program through developer engagement, business insights, analytics, security and protection. This learning path will help you to start using API Management to publish APIs to external, partner and internal developers to unlock the potential of their data and services.

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Managing Azure API Management using Azure Automation [0 h 0 m]

This intermediate level guide will introduce you to the Azure Automation service, and how it can be used to simplify management of Azure API Management. It also provides links to related resources.

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Using Azure API Management, Logic Apps and Functions to speed up integration projects [0 h 0 m]

This intermediate level session will take a look at why using API Management as the base for your Cloud Integration Strategy is a natural fit with modern day web and mobile applications. This session will look at how the reuse of existing API can make your Cloud Integration project faster, easier and less risky. This session will cover API Management, Logic Apps and Azure Functions.

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Azure API Management Dive Deep [1 h 20 m]

Azure API management allows micro service implementation, moving common development pitfalls from backend services to a global high scalable API gateway fully integrated with Azure services. This intermediate course will show how you can develop a global Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your company, not wasting time reinventing the wheel. Let’s take advantage of features like authentication, caching, logging, analytics, policies, Azure integration and developer management to dive deep in real code! Including exciting new features recently released.

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