MPN Competency: Azure IoT Technical_zh-CN (MPN16253)

Learning path description

TA: Azure IoT Technical


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Exams & accreds : Technical assessments
MPN Competency : Cloud Platform
Partner Type : Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
Product : Internet of Things (IoT)
Role : Technical
Country : China
IoT Overview zh-CN (MPN16253) [0 h 55 m]

IoT Overview: Opportunities and challenges presented by the explosion of IoT in the recent years, IoT devices and patterns to connect them to the cloud, and IoT related offerings within Microsoft Azure. Architecture Overview: Understanding Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub, and key components of a typical IoT solution.

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Connecting Devices in the Cloud zh-CN (MPN16253) [1 h 15 m]

Considerations to keep in mind when looking at connecting devices into the cloud. Detail on Azure IoT Hub: Connectivity patterns, SDK. Management approaches and security, supporting development tools, and open source code available in GitHub.

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Building an IoT Cloud Solution zh-CN (MPN16253) [1 h 6 m]

Considerations for building a Cloud Solution. Azure IoT Suite Components & Structure, and preconfigured solutions that come in the suite. Other components in the Azure IoT Suite: Azure Streaming Analytics, Event Processing with Web Jobs, Azure Machine Learning.

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Technical Assessment for using Microsoft Azure for IoT Solutions zh-CN (MPN16253) [1 h 0 m]

This assessment, for partner technical roles, tests knowledge and skill of the Internet of Things with Microsoft Azure. Please note: the assessment will not show as a qualification towards the Cloud Platform Competency until June. If you successfully pass the assessment before then your score will be captured and applied in June.

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