Containers and Docker MPN17433 (March 2017)

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Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Cloud Application Development
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Containers in Azure [0 h 0 m]

In this intermediate level session, Rob Bagby who works with Mesosphere, Docker, Inc. and the ACS team will attempt to provide clarity, addressing questions such as ""what is ACS?"", ""what are Windows Containers?"", ""when would I use Enterprise DC/OS or Docker Datacenter over ACS and vice-versa. By the end of the talk you should leave with an understanding of how to easily take advantage of containers within Azure, as well as have a functional understanding of Windows containers.

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Deploying Dockerized Apps to the Azure Container Service [0 h 50 m]

Azure Container Service provides everything you need to run Docker apps in the cloud, without the headache of having to deploy a container stack. Get the details, in this intermediate level, helpful and demo-filled exploration of Azure Container Service, with expert Blaize Stewart. See how Azure Container Service supports DC/OS and Docker Swarm for scaling to tens of thousands of containers. And learn how it works with popular open-source tooling. Since it uses only open source components in the orchestration layer, get the portability you need to easily migrate Docker containers to and from Azure. Plus, see how to deploy a WordPress site to Azure Container Service.

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Introduction to Docker container hosting solutions with Azure Container Service [0 h 0 m]

Azure Container Service makes it simpler for you to create, configure, and manage a cluster of virtual machines that are preconfigured to run containerized applications. It uses an optimized configuration of popular open-source scheduling and orchestration tools. This enables you to use your existing skills, or draw upon a large and growing body of community expertise, to deploy and manage container-based applications on Microsoft Azure.

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