Azure Active Directory MPN17531 (April 2017)

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Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Cloud Infrastructure
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Microsoft Azure for IT Pros Content Series: Azure Active Directory. [0 h 0 m]

Find out what Azure Active Directory is and why and how to use it. Explore users and groups, management, hybrid implementation, and multi-factor authentication. Plus, learn about Azure Active Directory applications.

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Create identity architecture for enterprise organizations using Microsoft Azure [0 h 25 m]

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is the foundation of Microsoft's cloud. Whether you start with Office 365 or an application in Azure, your investment sets you up for long-term success with the industry's leading provider of identity as a service (IDaaS). Learn top IDaaS capabilities of Azure AD, including hybrid identity and working with partners and customers. This session focuses on helping large organizations choose the right integration approach with on-premises directories. For LOB solutions on Azure virtual machines, find out if you can use Azure Active Directory Domain Services or if you need to extend your on-premises Windows Active Directory to Azure. Guidance is delivered by two of Microsoft's top MTC and field architects.

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