Introduction to the Surface Family (Associate) MPN18039 (Sep 2017)

Learning path description

Learn about the newest family of Surface hardware offering industry leading innovation


Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : Devices
Role : Sales
Country : Global
Meet the New Surface Pro [0 h 9 m]

Learn about the advancements that we’ve made from Surface Pro 4 to the new Surface Pro as well as get a better handle on device-specific features and benefits. We will also focus on how the Surface Pen empowers you to work in new ways and achieve more.

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Meet the Surface Pro with LTE [0 h 8 m]

This quick module will show you how the Surface Pro with LTE enables greater versatility for users to stay connected around the world. We’ll discuss the differences with the LTE model and how to talk about it with customers

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Meet Surface Book 2 [0 h 12 m]

Meet Surface Book 2

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Meet Surface Laptop [0 h 6 m]

We introduce you to the newest addition to the Surface portfolio: Surface Laptop. Expertly crafted to work with you, Surface Laptop delivers exceptional battery life, robust security, and streamlined performance with Windows 10 S.

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Meet Surface Studio [0 h 8 m]

We take a closer look at Surface Studio’s gorgeous hardware that provides a powerful workstation and allows for unprecedented collaboration. Explore a natural workflow with Surface Dial and learn what makes Surface Studio the perfect device for creators of all kinds.

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Meet Surface Hub [0 h 11 m]

See how Surface Hub streamlines the meeting process to save you precious time in your day. You’ll discover how thoughtful hardware and industry-leading collaborative tools unlocks the power of the group to make Surface Hub your greatest asset in the conference room or classroom.

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Meet Modern Workplace [0 h 9 m]

The modern workplace represents an exciting confluence of hardware, software, cloud technology, connectivity and creativity. At the center of it all, is an evolving understanding of what tools people need to work best. In this training module, we explore how you make this feel real to your customers, and so drive sales in your business.

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