Azure SQL Migration (Advanced) MPN17336 (July 2016)

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Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Azure Data Platform
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure. [0 h 0 m]

If you're an experienced SQL Server database administrator or developer and if you have a need to "lift and shift" databases to the cloud, this course is for you. Carl Rabeler, author of the Microsoft Press book Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure, and Microsoft Senior Content Developer Chris Randall, who was the book’s technical reviewer, walk you through key topics.   Get an overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure, learn how to get started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine, and explore Azure SQL Database. Plus, find details on migrating a database to Azure, and learn more about authentication, authorization, and data resiliency. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into securing and protecting your data in Azure in this SQL Server training, as you move to the cloud. Five video modules.

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