Advanced Azure Virtual Machine Scaling MPN17518 (January 2017)

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Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Cloud Infrastructure
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Autoscale your applications with VM Scale Sets [1 h 0 m]

VM Scale Sets are one of the fastest growing Compute services you can use to deploy and manage a large collection of virtual machines (Windows or Linux) as a set. This session will give you a deep dive of VM Scale Sets, patterns and practices. We will present pros and cons of using Scale Sets, customer patterns and feedback, as well as advanced Autoscale scenarios.

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Virtual Machine Scale Sets Documentation [0 h 0 m]

Learn how to use Virtual Machine Scale Sets to deploy and manage a set of identical, auto-scaling Windows or Linux VMs. Documentation shows you how to use Scale Sets to support services that target big compute, big data, and containerized solutions.

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