SAP on Azure Advanced MPN18313 (Feb 2018)

Learning path description

This learning path provides advanced-level resources on implementing SAP solutions on Azure.


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Introduction to SAP on Azure [1 h 52 m]

Microsoft & SAP, cloud options for SAP workloads, Azure value prop

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Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines [1 h 40 m]

Covers Azure VM workloads, capabilities, storage and common questions

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Microsoft Azure Networking [1 h 48 m]

Covers Azure virtual networks, hybrid connectivity, routing and configuration

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Architecting SAP NetWeaver on Azure [2 h 0 m]

Design considerations for SAP NetWeaver & database solutions on Azure

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Building SAP NetWeaver on Azure [3 h 42 m]

Migrating to Azure and building SAP NetWeaver on SQL Server in Azure

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SAP NetWeaver Silent Install [1 h 36 m]

Follow the steps to perform a silent install of SAP NetWeaver on Azure

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SAP HANA Architecture Design [1 h 44 m]

Covers features and architecture design options of SAP HANA on Azure

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Building SAP HANA on Azure [3 h 4 m]

Follow the steps to perform an installation of SAP HANA on an Azure VM

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