MPN Competency: Windows and Devices for Technical_ja-JP (MPN16080)

Learning path description

TA: Windows and Devices


Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Exams & accreds : Technical assessments
MPN Competency : Windows and Devices
Product : Windows
Role : Technical
Country : Japan
Windows 10 Enterprise Overview [0 h 20 m]

With millions of devices running Windows 10, there is a great opportunity to help customers to take advantage of all the security, management and productivity features the operating system provides. This in-depth technical training will help you understand what these benefits are, how to deploy and manage Windows 10 and its core features, and how new features will be delivered over time.

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Windows 10 November Update [0 h 14 m]

In this course you will learn what is new with the release of the Windows 10 November 2015 update.

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Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge [0 h 25 m]

With Windows 10 there are two browsers, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge. This session will cover the advantages of both browsers and how to choose which one to use for specific scenarios.

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Windows as a Service [0 h 45 m]

Learn how Microsoft has evolved it approach to releases as they move to more rapidly respond to the priorities and desires of customers. This session will explore options for enterprises to stay secure and up to date with features at the pace that is right for their environment.

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Windows Store for Business [0 h 18 m]

The Windows Store for Business allows IT professionals a way to centrally acquire, manage and distribute Windows Store apps. This module provides an overview of the Windows Store for Business and the advantages to commercial enterprises and educational institutions.

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Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport [0 h 27 m]

Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport two features that help customers move away from using passwords. This session will discuss how these features do this, how they are configured and managed.

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Deployment [0 h 34 m]

This session will give you a high level overview of all the deployment options in Windows 10 and help you choose what is best for your customers.

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Provisioning [0 h 20 m]

Provisioning help you configure a new device without reimaging. This session will go into details on how this can be done and the benefits of it compared to other options.

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Image Creation [0 h 23 m]

Creating an image is a common way to deploy Windows. This session will talk about how you can do this and some of the changes that have been introduced with Windows 10.

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In-Place Upgrade [0 h 32 m]

One of the easiest ways to deploy Windows 10 is through an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8. Learn how this works and how you can do this at scale.

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Device Guard [0 h 38 m]

To help our customers run just the software they want on a device, Windows 10 introduced a Device Guard. This session will help you better understand the feature, the requirements and how to plan for its use.

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Azure Active Directory Join [0 h 17 m]

To support customers’ investments moving to the cloud, Windows 10 includes the ability to join a device to Azure AD. Learn how this can be done and what the requirements from this course.

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Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Management [0 h 29 m]

With mobility being top of mind for many customers, Windows 10 introduced enhanced MDM support to give customers more choice in how to manage their devices. This session will provide details of the architecture, enrollment, and the lifecycle of the MDM solution.

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Managing Windows 10 using System Center Configuration Manager [0 h 19 m]

This session will give you an understanding of how System Center Configuration Manager can be used to help you manage and service Windows 10.

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Enterprise Data Protection [0 h 14 m]

To help customers better protect their data on Windows 10, it will include a new feature called enterprise data protection. This session will help you understand this feature and how it can benefit our customers.

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Security and Deployment Management assessment for Windows 10 ja-JP (16080) [1 h 0 m]

Security and Deployment Management assessment for Windows 10

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