C+E University: Data Platform Online MPN16758 (September 2016) - Retiring Feb 16, 2018

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Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : Data Platform Solutions (SQL Server 2016)
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Data Platform Online: Data Platform Modernization [1 h 0 m]

In this session, sellers will learn about the evolution of our database modernization story, from SQL Server 2005 End of Extended Support, to SQL Server 2008/R2, to positioning the customer value and benefits of upgrading to SQL Server 2016. Learn how our common codebase and hybrid cloud capabilities create maximum flexibility for our customers, enabling up-sell and cross-sell to virtualization, consolidation, and migration to Azure SQL Database or creation of new cloud applications.

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Data Platform Online: Mission Critical Application Platform [1 h 0 m]

SQL Server 2016 continues to excel at all 5 criteria that customers look for in a Mission Critical database, from security, scalability and performance to being proven and supported; it also performs well in emergent criteria like being real-time and open. In this session, learn how to position SQL Server for Mission Critical applications and sell Tier-1 data solutions effectively both on premises and in the cloud.

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Data Platform Online: Application Platform Migration [1 h 0 m]

With our rapid innovation and competitive TCO, SQL Server 2016 represents the best alternative for customers fed up with increasing costs, restrictive contracts, and oversold promises from vendors like SAP and Oracle. Whether it’s SAP’s HANA in-memory database, or Oracle’s growing portfolio of cloud services, Microsoft sellers must continually adapt in order to highlight differentiation for SQL Server. Join us for winning strategies for competitive situations and advice on how to use the Competitive Database Migration offer to win migration deals.

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Data Platform Online: The new sales tools for Data Warehousing and Big Data [1 h 0 m]

The Data Warehousing and Big Data market opportunity has never been bigger with an estimated $18B dollar market opportunity. Attend this session to learn about the EDW and Big Data sales strategy and new Bill of Materials (BOM) to help you drive revenue from data warehousing and big data.  This includes new resources for you including decks, playbooks, proposals and sales tools. With the new capabilities of SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Data Lake alongside key strategic partnerships with Hadoop partners, you have never had more tools in your toolbox to hunt Teradata and IBM customers to win new business.

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Data Platform Online: Modern Business Intelligence [1 h 0 m]

The proliferation of data and the incredible growth & adoption of modern BI (i.e., a shift of focus from IT-led reporting to business-led self-service analytics) are driving many organizations to reevaluate how they view their data as a strategic asset and their ability to turn data into business insights. Microsoft provides a comprehensive modern BI platform solution that works in the cloud, on premises, as well as in hybrid scenarios, inclusive of Power BI, Excel, and SQL Server Analysis Services & Reporting Services. Come to this session to learn how Microsoft modern BI platform helps businesses turn data into insights.

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Data Platform Online: Accelerating digital transformation through Advanced Analytics solutions [1 h 0 m]

In this session sellers will learn how to identify Big Data and Advanced Analytics opportunities and pitch solutions to Line of Business decision makers, how to leverage GBB resources to help win deals and gain solution-sales capabilities on Advanced Analytics and lastly, how to position Microsoft as the first and obvious choice to use Advanced Analytic solutions to drive customer value.

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