Exam MB2-708: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation

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Difficulty Level : Advanced
Exams & accreds : Microsoft Official Certification exams - Microsoft Dynamics
Product : Dynamics CRM
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Class 80679AE: Installation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 [2 h 38 m]

‚ÄčThis Digital Learning course provides individuals with the skills to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Additionally, this course focuses on the components used within a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, the hardware and software requirements needed to successfully deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and the installation instructions for the primary Microsoft Dynamics CRM components: the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, the E-Mail Router, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Office Outlook. The course also covers upgrading from earlier versions, and administration tasks.

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Exam MB2-708: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation [0 h 0 m]

This exam is intended for individuals who plan to install and deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their organizations. This audience typically includes novice and experienced system administrators, implementation consultants, system integrators, technical staff, and support professionals who want to demonstrate a foundational understanding of how to install and deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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