Office 365: What is it?, Customer Benefits and Partner Opportunities MPN18008 (Sep 2017)

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Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : Office 365
Role : Sales
Country : Global
Introduction to Office 365 [0 h 5 m]

In this training video, we’ll cover everything from the key fundamentals you need to master your role as an Office 365 sales partner to the tips, tricks, and capabilities that will help you step into your marketplace and guide your customers through that transformation.

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Office 365 - Overview [0 h 10 m]

Learn how Office 365 can help you to remain relevant and competitive in your markets. Built to deliver on the key technology investment areas that matter most to your customers: collaboration, mobility, intelligence, and trust. Everything your customers need to transform their businesses and reinvent productivity.

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Office 365 Partner Opportunity [0 h 13 m]

Find out more about the Office 365 partner revenue opportunities across all phases of the customer lifecycle. Discover how Microsoft supports your Office 365 opportunity through partner investments in channel incentives, offers, enablement training, and support.

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Office 365 E5 Overview [0 h 17 m]

Explore how Enterprise E5 offers your customers our most comprehensive productivity and collaboration package to meet the needs of their modern business with enhanced security tools, deeper analytic resources, and streamlined communication platforms.

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Microsoft 365 Business Overview [0 h 13 m]

In this video, you’ll learn how Microsoft 365 Business helps you empower your customers to improve their productivity and protect their data from internal and external security threats. With Microsoft 365 Business, partners help their customers realize the full value of their business with a cost-effective solution that meets their needs and equips you to drive additional services and offerings.

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Microsoft 365 Business Partner Opportunity [0 h 12 m]

Explore the partner opportunity in Microsoft’s latest SMB solution. From expanded services, to strengthened relationships and retained revenues, Microsoft 365 Business is created to be the ideal solution to help you grow your business and empower your SMB customers to achieve more.

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Security and Compliance Overview [0 h 12 m]

In this module, we’ll look at the service innovations within Office 365 Security and Compliance that provide your customers with unprecedented control and protection while maintaining unified IT management.

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Security and Compliance Partner Opportunity [0 h 10 m]

Discover the opportunities for Microsoft partners within Office 365’s Security and Compliance capabilities. Learn how you can build a Security and Compliance practice, open new revenue streams, deliver more customer value and ultimately deepen your relationships.

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Collaboration Overview [0 h 12 m]

Learn how the products and features of Office 365 drive collaboration in the modern workplace. This video provides a high-level overview of Office 365’s collaborative tools and how they work together in order to help your customer and their business stay connected and productive.

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Microsoft Teams Overview [0 h 14 m]

Learn about the latest in Office 365 collaboration with Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace for everyday content sharing and communication. In this video you’ll be equipped with information to understand what this new tool is and how it works through a demo.

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Cloud Voice Overview [0 h 10 m]

Learn how Skype for Business in Office 365 offers the next level in cloud communication services. Cloud Voice is about more than just productivity, it’s an opportunity to unify voice communications on Office 365, streamline infrastructure, and save your customers money moving forward.

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Cloud Voice Partner Opportunity [0 h 9 m]

Explore how tools and resources like Skype Operations Framework can help you to better support your customers moving away from legacy and toward cloud voice solutions. Learn how to grow your business and become a trusted advisor for cloud solutions services.

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