Security & Compliance in Office 365: A Deeper Look MPN18134 (Oct 2017)

Learning path description

Drill into the security and compliance offerings to understand how they can benefit your customers. (GDPR)


Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Office 365
Role : Sales
Country : Global
Secure Score: Learn about Office 365 Secure Score: actionable security analytics [0 h 46 m]

Learn how Secure Score helps Microsoft tenants understand security configurations, behaviors, and best practices.

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Advanced Security Management: Office 365 Advanced Security Management [0 h 42 m]

Learn how to use Cloud App Security and Advanced Security Management to protect against cloud security threats.

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Advanced Security Management in Office 365 [0 h 15 m]

Explore policy configuration, investigation, and reporting with Advanced Security Management.

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Threat Intelligence: Proactively Protect Against Advanced Threats [0 h 30 m]

See how to gain insights that can proactively protect customer data against threats.

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Threat Intelligence for Office 365 [0 h 5 m]

See how Office 365 Threat Intelligence provides actionable intelligence for assessing an organization's risk.

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Data Governance: Office 365 Advanced Data Governance Overview [0 h 6 m]

An overview and demonstration of Office 365 Advanced Data Governance (ADM).

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Data Governance: Retention action across all workloads [0 h 3 m]

Learn about retention action across all workloads with Data Governance in Office 365.

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O365 Tenant: Help Secure Customers' Office 365 Tenant [0 h 0 m]

See how to setup and secure an Office 365 tenant for a customer.

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Auditing/Alerting: Security Operations: Auditing and Alerting [0 h 0 m]

See how to use Office 365 and EMS Auditing to generate powerful customer insights.

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Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Deep Dive [0 h 0 m]

Learn how the Data Loss Protection functionality seamlessly integrates into different Office products and services.

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