Demand Generation Essentials - Part 1 (14071) (Mar 2018)

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Demand Generation Essentials Training. Educational content designed to teach you how to drive lead generation.


Difficulty Level : Beginner
Exams & accreds : Marketing
Role : Marketing
Country : Global
The Buyer's Journey [0 h 6 m]

The customer buying journey and the steps to take before and after the sale to deliver the right messages at the right time.

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Buyer Personas and Best Clients [0 h 6 m]

Understand what makes a best client and then how to create buyer persons and how to market to the right audience every time.

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How To Tell Your Story [0 h 0 m]

Three part series teaches how to segmenting and target your customer base, design a unique and differentiated value proposition for your company and understanding the how the cloud customer buys.

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The perfect website content and calls to action [0 h 11 m]

Make a more effective site with the right content and calls to action.

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Competitive Differentiators [0 h 5 m]

Competitive Differentiators

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Content Marketing [0 h 5 m]

The role of content in the buyer's journey, how to get, create and distribute great content.

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Value Propositions [0 h 6 m]

Learn how to craft a message to showcase what makes your company's product and services special to your target marketplace.

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Advocacy [0 h 5 m]

How to make the customer the hero in your marketing.

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Elevator Pitches [0 h 5 m]

When you only have seconds to get a prospects attention, what do you say? Learn how to craft a short description of your company that stands out.

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How to structure a great email [0 h 4 m]

Learn how to structure emails for increased opens and clicks.

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How to craft a perfect email subject line [0 h 10 m]

Craft perfect subject lines that will lead to great email open rates.

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The importance of case studies and customer testimonials [0 h 5 m]

Understand why social proof is vital to your business.

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