IT Professional (SQL Server 2014) (MPN10604) - Retiring Jan 31, 2018

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Difficulty Level : Beginner
Product : SQL Server
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Be Lean and Stay Lean with the Data Platform [4 h 0 m]

With SQL Server 2014, there is a great opportunity to grow revenue by helping customers speed up their applications while opening new opportunities in the cloud. SQL Server 2014 offers small and midsize organizations a fast, highly available database—and a cloud-ready data platform that will grow with their businesses. The newest course in the Ahead of the Game Technical Series, Be Lean & Stay Lean with SQL Server 2014, provides training, demonstrations, and hands-on instruction on how to use the latest SQL Server capabilities to deliver database applications both on-premises and in the cloud. This free one-day course covers a range of important technology areas, including In-Memory OLTP performance, hybrid database scenarios, enhanced high availability, and more. In this training, you will: * Get hands-on experience: With a focus on building real-world solutions, this training consists of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs. * Get the skills you need to deliver real-world solutions: This course is designed specifically for partners working with small and midsize business (SMB) customers to deliver solutions using the latest products and technologies from Microsoft. * Get prepared to open up new opportunities in the cloud: Participants will learn about hybrid solutions using SQL Server 2014 and Microsoft Azure that combine on-premises and cloud deployments in the way that best meets each customer’s unique needs.

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Just in Time for Health Analytics [1 h 0 m]

The Just in Time for Health Analytics video series is designed to improve the readiness of partners in positioning and selling health analytics based on the Microsoft data platform. It is specifically designed to help busy partners learn how to plan and execute an approach to selling analytics to healthcare decision-makers. Each episode in the series: • Covers a topic important to cultivating health leaders involved in making a decision to invest in Health Analytics. • Is delivered in under five minutes • Provides tactical knowledge that can be directly applied in the sales process with health customers and prospects • Can be viewed as a series or “on demand” by topic Viewing all episodes in the series takes under an hour and is packed with strategic and tactical information to increase your confidence and competence in completing C-suite conversations as part of the sales process for health analytics.

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Platform for Hybrid Cloud with SQL Server 2014 Jump Start [4 h 30 m]

IT Pros, are you curious about how moving to the cloud might give your organization cost benefits, with greater scale and flexibility? But does that move sound scary? Join this group of Microsoft experts who will show you how to take that journey to the cloud one step at a time. Learn how your organization can use SQL Server 2014 to create a hybrid environment and move from an on-premises data center at your own pace.

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Mission Critical Performance with SQL Server 2014 Jump Start [5 h 0 m]

SQL Server pros, do you want to find out how SQL Server 2014 can help you improve performance speed by 10–30 times—using the same hardware you have today—and improve reliability at the same time? Get in on a technical preview of the new Mission Critical features of SQL Server 2014, led by the team of Microsoft experts who own the features.

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Updating your Database Management Skills to SQL Server 2014 [3 h 30 m]

Do you manage online transaction processing (OLTP) database workloads? Want to learn about the new and enhanced capabilities in SQL Server 2014 to help you do so? Watch this course to learn about enhancements and capabilities new to SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform since the release of SQL Server 2008.

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SQL Server 2014 Essentials for Oracle DBAs [8 h 30 m]

Are you an Oracle database administrator (DBA)? You can leverage your skills and experience to manage a SQL Server 2014 system. Watch this training workshop to map, compare, and contrast Oracle database 12c management to that of SQL Server 2014. Beyond mere guidelines, this content is a reference guide intended to be delivered as a four-day workshop. The course was developed to extend the terminologies familiar to the Oracle DBA and to relate those terminologies to the SQL Server world. This relate-and-learn approach can help you expand your knowledge to SQL Server database administration.

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SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines Jump Start [2 h 30 m]

If you're wondering how to use Windows Azure as a hosting environment for your SQL Server virtual machines (VMs), join the experts as they walk you through it, with practical, real-world demos. SQL Server in Windows Azure VM is an easy and full-featured way to be up and running in 10 minutes with a database server in the cloud. You use it on demand and pay as you go, and you get the full functionality of your own data center. For short-term test environments, it is a popular choice. SQL Server in Azure VM also includes pre-built data warehouse images and business intelligence features. Take this opportunity to learn more about it.

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Faster Insights to Data with Power BI Jump Start [6 h 30 m]

Are you a power Excel user? If you're trying to make sense of ever-growing piles of data, and you're into data discovery, visualization, and collaboration, get ready for Power BI. Excel, always great for analyzing data, is now even more powerful with Power BI for Office 365. Watch this Jump Start, and learn about the tools you need to provide faster data insights to your organization, including Power Query, Power Map, and natural language querying. These demo-rich sessions provide a full-day drilldown into Power BI features and capabilities, led by the team of Microsoft experts who own them.

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Boost Your T-SQL with the APPLY Operator [2 h 30 m]

Need creative solutions to T-SQL issues? Get them from Itzik Ben-Gan, one of the world's foremost authorities, along with Microsoft Program Manager Umachandar Jayachandran. These experts demonstrate the APPLY operator, a T-SQL feature that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. What's especially interesting about APPLY is how it can be used in conjunction with many T-SQL features. To demonstrate this aspect of APPLY, the session tracks the operator through time, discussing features that were initially introduced in different versions of SQL Server (7.0, like TOP, through 2012, like OFFSET-FETCH), some of which are widely used today. For each feature, the session describes its shortcomings and then shows how to use APPLY to overcome it and to improve the feature. All demonstrations are performed on SQL Server 2014.

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Implementing Tabular Data Models [8 h 0 m]

Looking for faster and easier access to data insights? Take a deep dive into in-memory databases, known as tabular models, supported by SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) tools in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Learn to enrich the data model to meet analytical requirements, get the details on DAX queries for custom reporting, and hear tips and techniques for near real-time solutions.

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Implementing Tabular Model Solutions [7 h 30 m]

Looking for faster and easier access to data insights? Take a deep dive into in-memory databases, known as tabular models, supported by SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) tools in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Learn to enrich the data model to meet analytical requirements, get the details on DAX queries for custom reporting, and hear tips and techniques for near real-time solutions. Watch experts Julie Koesmarno (fresh from her speaking engagement at SQL PASS Summit 2014 and Patrick LeBlanc, as they show some exciting demos, including a step-by-step build of an actual tabular data model, plus some common pitfalls to avoid. If you have tons of data and want to build successful self-service analysis and corporate BI solutions, check out this course!

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Upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 [3 h 30 m]

Considering a SQL Server upgrade, but need some help? You know that an upgrade is more than just moving a database or installing a new version of SQL Server. Rigorous planning is required for a successful project. Check out this course, and get guidance from the experts who walk you through the process, looking not only at the technology but also at the methodology, processes, and tools to help make your SQL Server 2014 upgrade a success.

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Big Data with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System [8 h 0 m]

Want a broad-level technical look at Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS), the high-performance and scalable solution built for modern data warehousing needs? If you're looking to improve your data loading and query response times (up to and beyond 100x over legacy solutions), get the details on this massively parallel processing appliance. Experts highlight the hardware architecture and the software, and they walk you through an end-to-end demo of the appliance's power. They show you the Big Data capabilities in APS, with the included PolyBase, which can perform standard SQL queries to access and join Hadoop data with relational data. If you're working with real-time data analytics, you won't want to miss this course!

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