Exam 70-775 Prep: Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure HDInsight MPN18338 (Mar 2018)

Learning path description

This learning path provides supporting information for data scientists preparing for Exam 70-775.


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Exams & accreds : Certification Resources
Product : Microsoft Azure
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Data Exposed series [19 h 0 m]

Video series discussing data technologies & demonstrating features

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Securing Azure HDInsight [0 h 17 m]

Overview & demos of Azure HDInsight security

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Optimizing HBase Performance in HDInsight [0 h 24 m]

How to get better performance from HBase in HDInsight

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Optimizing Hive in Azure HDInsight [0 h 15 m]

How to get better performance from Hive queries in HDInsight

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Explore Spark 2.0 & structured streaming in Microsoft Azure HDInsight [1 h 4 m]

Explores new features of Spark 2.0 & evaluates Structured Streams

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Introducing Apache Kafka on Azure HDInsight [0 h 16 m]

Info on the addition of Apache Kafka to the Azure HDInsight family

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Introduction to Azure HDInsight, the Hadoop technology stack, & Hadoop clusters [0 h 0 m]

This article provides an introduction to Azure HDInsight

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Lambda Architecture for Connected Car Fleet Management [0 h 23 m]

Video on how to use Azure Stream Analytics & Azure Data Lake/U-SQL

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Big Data Analytics with HDInsight: Hadoop on Azure [5 h 0 m]

Hadoop fundamentals and how to get started with Hadoop analytics

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Data Series: Analytics: Big Data: Spark on HDInsight [3 h 0 m]

This advanced course takes a deep dive into Apache Spark on HDInsight

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XSeries Program: Microsoft Azure HDInsight Big Data Analyst [48 h 0 m]

Series covering how to build big data solutions on Azure HDInsight

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