Development Tools (Python/PHP) MPN17429 (March 2017)

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Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : Cloud Application Development
Role : Technical
Country : Global
Break out of the box with Python [0 h 40 m]

Python support in Microsoft Visual Studio and on Microsoft Azure can help you deliver better solutions. This intermediate level session shows you how you can apply Python your business problems, from systems administration through to automated data processing, all from the comfort of familiar tools and platforms.

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PHP in Microsoft Azure. [0 h 0 m]

If you are a PHP developer, you may be wondering what Microsoft Azure can do for you or what you can do with Azure. Get those questions answered in this intermediate level course, which is an introduction to integrating Azure Services into your current and future PHP development projects. Learn about deploying your existing application to Azure, and take a look at the database services available in Azure.

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