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Difficulty Level : Beginner
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Shortcut keys for Windows 10 [0 h 0 m]

This guide lists shortcut keys that you can use from the desktop in Windows 10.

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Creating a Portable Windows 10 Environment with Windows To Go [0 h 0 m]

You can use Windows To Go, a feature in Windows 10 Enterprise (and previous versions), to provision a USB drive with a complete and managed Windows 10 system image. You can insert the USB drive (known as a Windows To Go workspace) into a managed or unmanaged Windows 10 host computer to boot and run a managed Windows 10 system. You don’t have to install any software on the host computer to use the Windows To Go workspace. This guide shows you how to create a Windows To Go workspace. (Additionally, you can use the same methods to create a Windows To Go workspace to boot a portable and managed Windows 8.x system or a managed or unmanaged Windows 7 system.)

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Microsoft Edge [0 h 0 m]

Microsoft Edge, the new browser in Windows 10, is designed to deliver a better web experience. It’s fast, compatible, and built for the modern web—designed to work the way you do and help you get things done through easy sharing, reading, discovery, and more.

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Exploring Windows 10 [0 h 0 m]

Windows 10 is designed to please both touch and mouse users. It’s also designed to be intuitive for users of both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, incorporating the “best of both worlds” to enhance your experience and help you be more productive. The Start menu is back, putting all your apps, settings, and files just a few keystrokes, clicks, or taps away. Cortana helps make things easier for you and keeps you up to date. Microsoft Edge, the new browser in Windows 10, is designed to deliver a better web experience. It’s also easier to find and switch between open apps, keep them organized, resize and reposition them, keep track of notifications, and access frequently used system settings.

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Cortana for Windows 10 [0 h 0 m]

Cortana is your personal digital assistant in Windows 10. She gets to know you and helps you get things done, letting you interact with her in a way that’s easy and natural. She can search the web, find things on your PC, show you the local news and weather, and provide reminders based on time or location. Just tell Cortana what you want, and she’ll be there to help you out. This guide is based on Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10122.

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