IT Professional (SharePoint 2013) (MPN10333) - Retiring Jan 31, 2018

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Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Product : SharePoint Server
Role : Technical
Country : Global
The New App Model in SharePoint 2013 [2 h 0 m]

In this session you will learn about the techniques used to build apps for SharePoint. We will discuss the architecture and anatomy for apps for SharePoint, the various types of apps, hosting options and development techniques. Throughout this session we will demonstrate various apps for SharePoint be it an app that you want to host in your corporate intranet or in Office store, while looking under the hood on how they work. We will also discuss on developing applications for the SharePoint Store that auto-provision in Azure. We will examine the full lifecycle for these apps, including use cases, tooling for developers, publishing to the store, and Azure/licensing considerations.

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Developing SharePoint Server Advanced Solutions Jump Start [5 h 30 m]

Looking for information about how to incorporate SharePoint social networking features into your own application? Trying to call SharePoint server search from the client? Want to enhance your Business Connectivity Services (BCS) implementation? Aim to pass the 70-489 exam but don't know what to study? This demo-laden presentation will point you in the right direction. This Jump Start covers developing against SharePoint Server features, including server and client side code, developing features that incorporate social networking, BCS, and SharePoint Server Search. It also serves as a foundation for learning the skills necessary to pass the 70-489 exam.

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Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Jump Start [7 h 0 m]

Are you a developer for the Microsoft platform, interested in helping your organization collaborate and manage workflows using SharePoint solutions? Are you preparing for Exam 70-488, part of the MCSD: SharePoint Applications certification? Take this course to learn the core skills common to most SharePoint development activities, and find out how to work with back-end data and front-end user interfaces and security. Get guidelines and best practices to help you optimize your SharePoint applications, explore workflows inside the dramatically enhanced SharePoint Designer, and see cool demos that show you how to create an app, deploy it to a catalog, and install it.

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Office 365 Support Corner: SharePoint Online Hybrid Tips [1 h 30 m]

Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses which cover leading Office 365 support issues. In this course, explore three common issues seen when deploying a hybrid environment with SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server on-premises. Start with a brief look at the hybrid SharePoint infrastructure and tools used for analyzing problems. Then, identify, isolate, and recommend solutions for common interoperation issues with SharePoint Online and SharePoint Servers on-premises.

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Transform SharePoint Customizations to SharePoint App Model [8 h 0 m]

Are you customizing SharePoint using farm solutions and feature framework? Want to align with the product and service roadmap and to update your skills? Learn to transform SharePoint customizations with the SharePoint app model. You will be surprised at how flexible it is. Whether you're working with on-premises only or you're transitioning to the cloud, this method is as easy as following a few steps. Plus, you won't be locking down your content or future options with old techniques.

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Managing SharePoint On-Premises vs. SharePoint Online [4 h 0 m]

What are the major administrative differences between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online? Find out, in this helpful course. Compare reporting, auditing, and information governance differences between these SharePoint platforms, so you and your organization can make informed decisions about what it takes to transition to SharePoint in the cloud, either through a hybrid model or moving entirely to the cloud. Plus, explore the administrative capabilities of both platforms, and walk through management considerations for hybrid planning.

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Deep Dive: Building Blocks and Services of SharePoint [11 h 0 m]

If you'd like a deep dive into the many building blocks available within the SharePoint platform that can be consumed via the Office 365 apps and API, be sure to take this course. A team of experts leads you through advanced workflow scenarios in Office 365, using the SharePointREST API to create SharePoint lists for data storage, SharePoint 2013 Remote Event Receivers, and more.

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Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 [5 h 0 m]

Want to upgrade to SharePoint 2013? Walk through the necessary steps to perform an efficient and effective upgrade, with experts Brian Alderman and Christopher Harrison, and hear how Microsoft has enhanced the process. Learn how to properly plan for the upgrade, explore the upgrade process model, and hear a discussion on how to upgrade from your service applications and web applications, plus how to strategically upgrade individual site collections. They also look at special upgrade scenarios, including upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013, upgrading a classic-mode web app to a claims-based authenticated web app, and completing the upgrade of the Search Service Application in SharePoint 2013.

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SharePoint 2013 Best Practices [4 h 0 m]

You know that best practices are patterns, implementations, and configurations that have repeatedly proven themselves as a way to achieve a high quality and reliable solution. But what does this look like for SharePoint 2013? Get the details from experts Brian Alderman and Christopher Harrison, as they share best practices based on their real-world experiences planning, training, installing, updating, optimizing, and troubleshooting SharePoint 2013.

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Deploying & Managing SharePoint 2013 with PowerShell [5 h 0 m]

Want to efficiently and effectively manage your SharePoint 2013 environment? Check out this course on PowerShell, a powerful management tool used by IT Pros to automate system tasks and to deploy, configure, manage, and troubleshoot SharePoint 2013. In this demo-rich course, Brian Alderman and Christopher Harrison discuss and demonstrate the most commonly used PowerShell commands that you need to know. They look at creating objects, managing content, troubleshooting, and more, and they offer lots of practical tips and guidance.

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Support Corner: Manage SharePoint Online Documents and Lists [1 h 30 m]

Want to know how to get the best out of your SharePoint Library content? Content stored in document libraries and lists is the foundation of everything you do in SharePoint Online. Join us for these demo-rich sessions, and learn how a little preparation can go a long way!

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Support Corner: Configure SharePoint Outbound Hybrid Search [1 h 30 m]

Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses which cover leading Office 365 support issues. In this course, learn how to configure Outbound Hybrid Search between SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online. Start with a brief look at the hybrid SharePoint infrastructure and tools used for analyzing problems. Then, examine three of the more complicated configuration tasks, including using PowerShell to automate some tasks: infrastructure setup, S2S trust and identity management, and search service integration.

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Overview of the New SharePoint Online [1 h 15 m]

Come learn about the SharePoint Online updates soon to be available on Office 365. We’ll focus on new features, scenarios, workloads, and audiences with planned demo.

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The New SharePoint Overview: Creating a New Way to Work Together [1 h 15 m]

This session provides insights into how Microsoft views the SharePoint opportunity and the new release of SharePoint 2013. This includes a product demonstration that showcases design decisions and features that creating a new way for working together. The session concludes with a discussion of Yammer's social capabilities and it's integration into the SharePoint roadmap.

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Tuning SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013 Jump Start [3 h 30 m]

SQL Server stores most of the data for SharePoint. This Jump Start training focuses on how these two products are integrated. Join two of the industry’s most popular SharePoint experts, Bill Baer and Brian Alderman on an exploration of SQL Server settings, SQL Server system database settings and configuration options that will improve SharePoint 2013 performance, availability and security. Enjoy this demo filled Jump Start to help you optimize SQL Server 2012 deployment to protect your SharePoint environment.

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