Infrastructure and Management for Hosting Technical

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TA: Hosting Architects – Infrastructure and Management


Difficulty Level : Advanced
Exams & accreds : Technical assessments
Role : Technical
Country : China
用于托管服务 提供商的 Windows Server 2012 [1 h 0 m]

Learn about how Window Server 2012 has specifically been developed for Hosting Service Providers to enable you to offer cloud services on a platform that supports multi-tenancy, management automation, and scalability. Learn about new business offers you can take to your customers as they are moving to the cloud including shared and dedicated servers, hybrid cloud and disaster recovery.

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用于托管服务提供商的 System Center 2012 SP1 [0 h 45 m]

学习作为全面的Microsoft平台一部分的System Center 2012 SP1,如何让您能够提供从硬件到应用程序和平台的自动化 上有着高可用性,深入监控的可扩展的云服务。 了解System Center 2012 SP1的组件,以及它如何帮助您简化云服务管理中的复杂性和降低成本, 其中包括IaaS, 桌面托管,高可用的专用服务器,Microsoft的应用程序(例如Exchange,SQL,SharePoint), 以及灾难恢复。

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Desktop Hosting Reference Architecture Guide [0 h 0 m]

Defines how to create secure, scalable, and reliable desktop hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized organizations based on Remote Desktop Services, Hyper-V, virtual networking, and other virtualization technologies.

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service Technical Guidance for Hosting Service Providers [0 h 0 m]

Provides technical guidance for hosting service providers who want to provide infrastructure-as-a-service to their customers by using Windows Azure Services for Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, and System Center 2012.

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数据中心的售前技术专员评估 — 托管跟踪 [1 h 30 m]

This assessment, for partner technical roles, tests skills and knowledge of datacenter hosting solutions.

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